Monday, May 24, 2010

Derek and Liz

... got married today at the Brock House in Point Grey on Jericho Beach.

Derek seemed a little emotional as he waited for the proceedings to begin:
A large, incredibly gorgeous bridal party:
Yadda yadda yadda, "Derek? You may kiss your bride:
"Mr and Mrs Derek Ellis":
Derek, his bros, his dad and grandpa:
My boys: (Well two of them)
Wish tree:
(Instead of signing a guest book, guests were to artistically convey their good wishes on a tag, then hang it on the tree.)
On the beach:
(Chris, Erik, Ryan, Max, Clint, Drew)
Mother of the Groom:
(My beautiful friend, Denise)
Reception, in the tent overlooking the beach:
Table decorations:
Clark, giving his speech:
"Thanks for coming"
More boyz:
And still more:

Derek and Liz:
Erick, Cecil, Clint and Nick:
On the drive home, we passed this uber cute house:

Three things I`m thankful for:
1. The one son I personally drove to the wedding, actually saw the ceremony. The other two? Made it eventually.
2. I'm at the cabin with Drew and his friend, Andrew. Almost feels like a normal May Long.
3. It stopped raining.


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Tricia said...

What an elegant, beautiful wedding.