Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feeling Better About Myself

It was a gentle transition. One minute I'm at work. Then I'm at home baking chocolate chip cookies. And before you know it, it's the long weekend and I'm out having tea with a friend talking about underarm odors.

I love going from no plans to unexpectedly having fun, if you consider talking about your parenting skills and how to detoxify your body fun.

Spontaneity. Almost 50 and still know how to do random things at the last minute.
Why are our children not impressed?
Why do they say things like, "actually, I don't really listen or pay attention to people over 50. They have nothing to say that interests me or is relevant to my life." (My child, not hers.)
I am going to be dancing a jig the day he has to eat his words. I sure hope I'm still alive; he is a slow learner so it may take 100 years.
We thought our evening would be over at 9, but then, unexpectedly we both had the rest of the night free, so we picked up a DVD and went over to her place (she knows how to work her DVD player) and watched this:
Have you seen it?
Did it make you sick?
Amongst all the emotions I was feeling while watching this, one of them was, "I'm not that bad of a mom."
And a second one was, "I need to pray for children who are victims of abuse. And mentally unstable parents who allow it to happen."

O what a sheltered life I live.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. LONG weekends. Yay.
2. Friends who didn't go camping.
3.  The beautiful ditches along the #10 hwy from Langley to Delta. Purple Lupin, Yellow Broom and White Daisies. I'd love to take pics of a bride and groom walking along the edge of the hwy with the wildflowers in the background.


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