Friday, May 28, 2010

Four More Sleeps

I'm looking forward to June 1.
Know why?
I will change the banner on this blog on that day.
Have you noticed?
I change headers every month now-a-days.

I had that pussy-willow-looking-branch-but-really-it-was-a-budding-magnolia-branch photo for almost twenty hundred years. But ever since Andrea showed me some tricks and treats, back in February? December? August? (Who knows. Who cares), I've been updating monthly. Like clockwork. Or like calendar-work.

And of all the ones I've done, this month's has been my least favorite.
Too soft.
Too pink.
Too not me.
This was my fav:

My nod to the Olympics:

A special one for Valentine's Day.
Which I hate.
But nevertheless, it got it's own banner:

This one makes me feel good.
Probably because I love the beach:

I guess I liked this one too:
And this one brings back good memories to when Drew had a camera:

The countdown and pressure is on.
Because I live by deadlines.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really like your banners. I appreciate the different themes! I like this months, suits the weather! Linda