Friday, May 28, 2010

Kaitlynn has something to say...

A few months ago Kaitlynn was in Uganda with Impact Nations with a medical evangelistic team, using her mad dental hygiene skillz on unsuspecting Africans.

She ended up falling in love with the country and it's people:

And this lady, (Esther) in particular, made her way into Kaitlynn's heart:
In Kaitlynn's very own words:

Esther really touched me by her story of taking in children who have no home. I have met many of these children and their stories are incredible! These kids have been given a gift of life through the hard work of people like Esther.

I would like to call on everyone to donate even the smallest amount of money to help start Esther off with a salon in Uganda. The project goal is $2030 Canadian, and you are able to receive a tax receipt when you donate through the Impact Nations website. This project is an important one for me to stand behind because its helps Esther generate revenue to pour back into the orphanage she runs.

Please visit the Impact Nations website and click on the "DONATE NOW" button. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message. Thank you in advance to all who are moved to help with this project. Also, feel free to stick around the Impact Nations website and read about what this organization is doing around the world to rescue lives by bringing fresh water, educating villages on sustainable agriculture, bringing electricity to remote village schoolhouses, teaching woman in India to sew, feeding the poor in shanty towns and urban slums, and the list goes on!

There is great need in the world - do not feel the burden is too large to make a dint in it. That is a lie. Small efforts from many will have funds free flowing to make a HUGE difference! Please don't hestitate, and if you need more motivation ask me to tell you stories of the things I've seen. It will hit you hard. Better yet, join Impact Nations on a Compassion Journey and you'll see it for yourself!

Have a great day!!!

Go here to donate.

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