Sunday, May 9, 2010

Go. See it.

So. Fun.
Really. Really.

Five of us went to see it on Opening Night and it was all kinds of fantastically wonderful.
I loved the dialog.
I loved the actors.

Probably my first age-appropriate crush ever. 
(Besides Johnny Depp.)

I think it's the brown eyes.

The part that I wasn't a fan of?
And bear with me whilst I rant.
The 5" stiletto shoes that Gwyneth and Scarlett had to wear in every scene through out the entire movie.
And, in Date Night (with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey) Tina had to wear super high heeled pumps in all her scenes as well.
And Sandra Bullock movies all have her in ridiculous heels too.

So why can't a woman be sexy/attractive/fashionable in clothes that are comfortable?

(A non-working friend of mine showed up at my house one afternoon wearing a tight dress and extremely high shoes. "Where are you off to, all dressed up?" I asked. "No where," she replied. "This is what I wear to pick up my daughter from school and to get groceries. My husband and sons agree that a woman looks best in feminine clothes and a high heeled shoe. It really improves your posture and the shape of your legs. ")

Tell you daughters and wives they look lovely in running shoes. Assure them they are beautiful in flip flops. Encourage them to buy footwear that they can skip and jump in. Let them know you don't need them to be 4 inches taller.

That came out of no where.

Just go see the movie.
And if you've got no one to see it with, give me a call. I am totally up for another viewing.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the shoes..... i am one to two inch heel person myself for dress. But you can not tell me 4 inch heels are good for your back and KNEES ...... rose