Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good Things

1. Calendars.
Planning things.
Dreaming about things.
Plotting things.
Arranging things.
This is the hastily hand-made master calendar on a HUGE post it note for the month of August.
So many things to do in England:

2. Spring flowers.
Big, showy, show-off flowers.

I still believe that God is the creator. And we are here by His divine design. Whether or not evolution was part of His design doesn't change the fact that He made me in His image and He loves me. I'll figure out the evolution part some other day. (After I read some recommended books that were written by smart Christian scientists who don't agree that we are cousins with chimpanzees.)

3. Sons
Sons who need money and are willing to do extra chores to earn it.
Sons who know how to use pressure washers.

4. The beach.
Messages in the sand. (

Taking someone (Shannon) to a beach she's never been to.
Walking and talking at twilight.

Watching the sun set in the company of friends.
Watching lights twinkle along the shore.
Letting a feeling of peace wash over you.
Enjoying the smell of the ocean.

5. The pier.
The wooden planks.
The waves beneath.
The lights above.

The birds setting in for the night.
The color blue.
The sailboats.

6. The ocean.

7. Night time.

Thank you God for these good things.
You're spoiling us.


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