Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom Day

I propose that we, the people who are tired of the awkward, annual, forced, touchy-feely days, stage a huge rebellion against them. Let's just get rid of Mother's Day. (And Valentine's Day too for that matter.) It's embarrassing to receive 2 minutes of loving attention on those particular days because the calendar tells the men in your life that they have to. It's expected. Everyone else is.  

If you love your mom, tell her. Don't wait for the second Sunday in May. And don't rely on Mother's Day cards to tell you how you feel about your mom. Fill a blank one with your thoughts and give it to her because you want to.  Not because Hallmark says these cards should be given to your mom on this day.

It's all so awkward.
On both sides. They're not fans of displays of affection or gratitude.
And I'm kinda desperate for it but don't want to be.

Of course, facebook makes the whole thing worse.
Not that there's a competition or anything.

Next year? On Mother's Day? I will be busy. Remind me to make plans that will take me out of town.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The personalized box of chocolates and gift card from Clint, Max and Drew. Thanks for loving me, guys. The 'congrats on your baptism' card is awesome. Love that it wasn't a typical Mother's Day card.

2. I have an incredible mom. Thanks, Lady, for years of listening to me, loving on me, laughing 'n crying with me and especially  - praying for me. You have rocked the mom role... this is me, rising up and calling you blessed.

3. Blue sky. Books. Backyards. Birds.



ramblin'andie said...

YES and amen! Holidays suck. All of 'em.

The blue skies were kind of perfect though.

Anonymous said...

I use to feel the same way, wanted to just be gone on that day. I also have not liked Valentine's day. Too many expectations.