Monday, May 31, 2010

It Didn't Rain Today!

So I went outside.
And walked past my weeds, got into my truck and, along with a friend and our cameras, drove out to Chilliwack so that we could wander through Minter Gardens.

Hundreds of photos were taken. Hundreds have been deleted. My favs are going to show up here this month.

Dear God,

Thank you for the break in the rain. Today was so awesome. Thank you for being so creative. Thank you for the color purple. And for designing flowers that look like fireworks.

Thank you.
Thank you for my kids.
Please be with Clint and Max and their friends this weekend at Sasquatch. Protect them from all those things they need protection from, and the list, as You know, is long. Use this weekend for Your purposes in their lives. Bring them into situations, hand-chosen by You. Introduce them to people You want them to meet. Give them opportunities to rely on You. Use this time to reveal Yourself and Your love for them in ways they cannot ignore.

Thank you for Drew.
Please be with him as he finishes up this school year. Show him what he needs to do in order to end well.
Thank you for his friends. I trust they have been chosen by You for Your purposes. Thank You for blessing him with an awesome peer group.

Thank you for my friends and my peer group. Thank You for bringing them into my life. May I always treasure them as gifts from You.

Thank you for my dad and my mom.
Thank you for my family.
Thank you for my job and my coworkers.
Thank you for my house. Truck. Hair. My new flip flops.
Thank you for the chance to go to England this summer. Guide me as I plan our days ... direct our paths ... show us what You want us to see ...
Thank you for loving me.

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Anonymous said...

The iris banner is just stunning!! And I love the quote too! Thank you for your blog!