Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Will Do That Again

Have you heard of it?
The Kindlings?
Well, it's, it's... uh, it's...awesome.
According to it's website, it's:
"The Kindlings is a movement inspired by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Dorothy Sayers and a diverse group of gadflies and friends called “The Inklings,” who met in an Oxford pub each week for lively conversation and friendly disputation.
Our grassroots movement communicates online and through our live events and podcasts. Like "The Inklings," we seek to ignite intelligent, imaginative, hospitable exploration of ideas that matter in contemporary life.
Each podcast features a diverse panel of thought-provoking culture-shapers and observers, anchored by author and former talk-show host Bill Hogg. Get ready for spirited debate as the panel tackles the issues head-on and then opens up the floor to the live audience."
And finally, after months and months of wanting to, I finally did. Go. Tonight. With a friend. 
Are you judging me?
Keeping track of the number of days I am not home to weed the gardens? I know. I know. My mother raised me better than this. 
I have a friend who does yardwork on Thursdays, so she hates it when it rains on Thurdays because seriously. Who likes doing yardwork in the rain? I KNOW! I said to her, "It's raining. WHY are you doing yardwork?" And she said, "It's Thursday."
Know what? She doesn't have weed issues. Because she deals with them (and the lawn and the decks and the pond and the flowers and the hanging baskets) EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY. No exceptions.
Whereas I, on the other hand, only deal with the yard when the weather conditions are acceptable and no one wants to play. So yeah. I've been playing for like, 2 weeks straight, with no end in sight. Who would you rather be married to? Exactly. 
Which is why I will likely remain single for the rest of my days. And women who do yardwork on Thursdays will always be happily married for ever and ever. 
What a fun evening. 
Tonight's topic was 'Is there Life After Fundamentalism' or 'Is it Possible for Hope and Healing After a Bad Church Experience?'
My fav quotes of the night:
"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
"Hanging out with some Christians can be hazardous to your health."
"To the man with the hammer, everything looks like a nail." (A John Stackhouse quote)
"In some churches, people encounter religion, others encounter Christ."
However, as is usual with me, the conversation in my truck to and from the event is always just as stimulating as the discussion on stage. 
Anyways. It was a fun evening and I definitely will do that again. Last Monday of the month. Anyone else interested? :)
And now, a few Minter Garden pics:
Experimenting with shutter speeds - 
1/40th  of a second:

1/4000th of a second:

See the difference?

And that concludes today's lesson.

If you want to photograph a raindrop, use a superfast shutter speed.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Fun evenings
2. Birthday greetings on facebook
3. An easy 'fold and stuff' day at work tomorrow


Felice said...

Thanks for the lesson on photographing rain...I've never tried it before but will now...if we ever get any!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jane! Very Cool:)