Saturday, May 15, 2010

Picnic. In a Park.

With Max and Drew over on the island with their dad for the rest of the weekend, I was free to play.
I called up a few friends, loaded them into The Lime (I refuse to believe I bought a lemon. It's probably a simple thing to fix. The back door won't open. The ABS light is on. The low pressure light is lit up....) and headed out to Abby to see Dave and Marj's new house:

This is the house that Kate from Lost grew up in. In real life. Not LOST life.

Her dad was/is a landscaper which is why the yard looks so awesome.
Inside, with a separate entrance, is the salon for "Hair by Marj":

Living room: (Walls were EXACTLY the right color for all their stuff. SOOOOooo perfect.)

After we oooohed and ahhhhed for an appropriate amount of time, we jumped back into the Lime and headed for Mill Lake to have a picnic. HOW FUN IS THAT?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Perfect day for a walk around the lake. HAVE to do that again.
2. Friends with free time.
3. Dishwashers.

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