Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crafts and Arts

There are some talented folks out there, eh?

I was following some links tonight and found these:

She took used Christmas cards and cut them up to make Valentine's...

Sak's asked her to draw some snowflakes for their Christmas 2008 season. Sooo pretty:

They used them on their bags, boxes, in their catalogs, in jewelry designs ...

Her name? Marian Bantjes. Her website is here. Check out her projects.

Another artist that I fell in love with this week uses craft supplies that we sold at Billie's; paper quilling:

I love her work.

Neimun Marcus commissioned her to do their catalog:

Her name is Yulia Brodskaya, from Russia and I think she's awesome. Her website is here


Anyways, check out their sites and be inspired.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Shannon is here for the week. Which is awesome. We had SALAD for supper tonight.
2. My new truck. SO fun to drive.
3. Creative people.


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Anonymous said...

No internet for almost 2 weeks - new truck? Sounds good.