Sunday, June 13, 2010


Saturday + Sunshine = HAPPINESS
Saturday + Sunshine + Pic taking + Sushi with Clint = HAPPINESS SQUARED

Yes. It has been a good day.
Thanks for asking.

Didja wanna see some pics?
Meet Mr and Mrs Job. They are celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary this month.

They are posing on their grandson, Mark's scooter, wearing his goggles and helmet. Cute, no?
Their son is the builder of the retirement home behind them where they live.

Here they are, (above) surrounded by their grandkids.

And here (below) they are with their four children:

And then I told the spouses to squeeze in:

Took awhile to get everyone settled:

Then I called the grandkids, and chaos erupted:

It felt crowded and messy, so I moved the whole crew to a different bench:

I think I kinda suck at the big-group shots.

But I rock the twosies:

I love taking pics of happy people.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The Job family and their patience with me.
2. Pizza with the boys at 1 am.
3. Nehemiah


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