Monday, June 14, 2010

Too Much with the Swedishness

The girl with the dragon tattoo who kicked the hornet's nest after playing with fire is an interesting girl.

563 pages + sunshine on the weekend = not much else got done.
(Well besides taking family pics for Gail, and pouring boiling water on my weeds, and going to Southgate's grad banquet, and driving Drew here and there, and going to White Rock for fishnchips and deciding that "yes" we should fit a quick trip to the Lake District when we're in England ... other than that - all I did was read.)

WAAaaaaay too many Swedish last names that all look the same to me.
WAAAyyyy too many Swedish streets that mean nothing to me.
Wayyyyy too many Swedish cities that I have no frame of reference for.

But still, a gripping story that had me looking forward to the big court scene at the end.

So sad that the author died before this trilogy was published.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Never before in the history of mankind has anyone ever beat Bob 3 games in a row. Not that I'm counting, but I think I just did. Toot. Toot.
2. Strawberries-and-feta-cheese-with-poppy-seed-dressing salads. Yummers.
3. Claire got there safely, had a good weekend and a fabulous first day.



Anonymous said...

I read an article in Time or something on Mr. Larsson; he had lived with his partner for something like 30 years but they never married. He had never updated his will to make her his beneficiary and when he died his estate went to his estranged family, who have offered her paltry amounts of money plus allowed her to keep the apartment she shared with Steig but she's taking them to court. But, swedish law doesn't recognize common law like North America does...anyways, you should google it in case I didn't remember it all correctly. It was interesting.

Anonymous said...

My friend Mona was struggling with the same book when we were away in Kelowna. She said the same thing to many Bjourn...."s Too funny... rose