Saturday, July 3, 2010

At The Cabin

Drew and I decided to spend the night at Cultus so we stopped at McDonald's for supper then grabbed some groceries from Safeway; 1 box of Cap'n Crunch, 1 jug of milk, a pkg of wieners, some buns, a couple chocolate bars and 4 DVD's.

For good measure I threw 8 books into my bag, because, you know, maybe I won't want to sleep tonight.

We watched the first disc of Season 5 of Lost then the latest Michael Moore documentary: Capitalism - A Love Story. Now I think I'll a video on my laptop in bed.

I love summer.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. A good day. I checked about eleventeen hundred things off my to do list, including scrounging air miles and travel points from every single source available to me. (My Esso Extra Card's points, my HBC points, my Airmiles card, my RBC travel rewards ...) Then I spent them on hotels in England because this holiday is going to ROCK and we want to stay in Cornwall (google it) and London City (google THAT). We're going to eat alot of peanut butter sandwiches while we're there, but oh boy - the sites we'll see ...

2. I'm thankful for Jule. She read my blog posting about driving in England and then taped a clip from a movie that was playing on TV this morning and played it back for me while she cut Drew's hair. It was Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's European Vacation - where he gets into 3 accidents with kind, generous English men and then proceeds to get stuck in a roundabout.

3. This cabin. I am thankful for this place.


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