Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sometimes, after an evening of frantic cleaning, I find myself lying in bed, obsessing about all that still needs to be done. So, every night this week at 2 am, I read a chapter or two or seven of a book. And last night at 4 am I finished this one:

It's about India and poverty and slums and marriages and opportunities and adoption and hope.
I'd give it a 6 out of 10 because I'm picky. It's a book with alot of buzz these days; it seems to be doing the book club rounds... so don't take my word on it. It's probably very good. (I'm just not a fan of wrapping things up with a big red bow. Life's just not like that sometimes.) And besides, I read it between 2 and 4 am with a somewhat distracted mindset.


My older boys? Have shaved their heads.
They look like convicts.
I will be taking way more pics of Drew this trip.


I accidentally washed the brand new towels with some cheap new pillowcases.
I have totally wrecked the pillow cases - the pilling is inbeeeleeevable.


Based on Raych's recommendation, I picked up this book.
My friend Rose wants to read it this summer too. And wondered about having a 'virtual' book club discussion about it over the summer. This is a good idea, no?
Anyone interested in reading along at home, and meeting somewhere online (facebook? emails? a blog?) to chat about our thoughts? I'm bringing my copy to England. And plan to read it on the train rides into and outof London - the most royal of all cities. So I'm in. As far as bookclubtalking about it.

I have 17 books and 21 new pairs of underwear and my camera packed for England. (Because my underwear is more than just strings and elastics; there's fabric people - much fabric on my bloomers... so I really don't have room in my suitcase for much else.) One pair of black shorts. 14 tank tops in solid colours. Three old lady skirts. Two pairs of flip flops. One pair of runners. Three pairs of socks and my laptop.


So you know how I've been a little obsessed about cleaning things these past 4 weeks? And that kinda added pressure to the whole vacation thing? Well, at work, we have a similar but different pressure on us too. Our office is closing down for the first two weeks of August - everyone will be on holidays. Except the painters. Painters we've hired to repaint the entire office and all the trim. SO in addition to moving all my projects forward these past few days, I've been cleaning and purging my office because it needed to be boxed up today. Everything needed to be sorted and organized and boxed and labeled and moved and piled and have I mentioned how I can hardly wait to get on that plane tomorrow?


I just checked in online and know what? EVERYONE ELSE on our flight has already checked in. We got the last 3 seats together. I'll be sitting elsewhere - the boys can sit in the same row.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. All of us have our passports in our possession.
2. We all have seats on the plane. Our boarding passes have been printed.
3. We have a place to stay and a car waiting for us at the other end.
4. I have enough time to blog.
5. YAY, my replacement Visa card arrived this afternoon.
6. YUM, my dad and mom brought over chinese food for supper tonight.
7. YIPPEE, my sister is bringing her curling iron over tomorrow to "do" my hair before I leave. (When she does it, it lasts 48 hours. When I do it, it lasts 10 minutes.)
8. YES! I will be in bed before 3 am.



Tricia said...

I used to read the Happiness Project blog; I really liked it. I just requested the book from my library.

Kim said...

I hope you have a most excellent adventure, Jane!