Thursday, July 29, 2010

And this?

Know what this is?
ANOTHER boring post about cleaning. (And a pic of the spare bedroom.)

I've started doing bedding.
I'm about 1/2 done.
Know what a hot thing to do on a summer night is?
Put a comforter inside a warm-from-the-dryer duvet cover.

Aren't you glad you stopped by today?
More pics of clean things.
Aren't you glad I'm generally not obsessed with these things?

Everything has been washed, fluffed or aired out:

What would YOU do with all the crocheted-by-Omi afghans on the top shelf?
I thought so.
Where do you store yours? And how long are you keeping them?

I have friends.
They are full of advice.
Friend One: You HAVE to buy new bedding for all the beds.
A few days later,
Friend Two: You HAVE to buy new towels. Absolutely.
And a few days later,
Friend Three: New pillows. Definitely you need to buy new pillows.

Thank goodness for Costco.

By the way, I have other friends too:
Friend Four: TAKE BACK that power converter, I have one you can borrow.
Friend Five: RETURN that adapter to BCAA, I have two you can borrow.
Friend Six: I have two of those plug in thingy's you can have...

And then there's friend SEVEN: I bought sandals and a backpack and camera bag and and and ... for you. I know you don't like shopping so I've picked up a bunch of things you'll need.


So today after work, I returned $80 worth of electronic gadgets to BCAA and picked up $100 worth of linens from Costco. Then I returned the hose repair male enders to Home Depot and picked up the correct female enders at Canadian Tire. (As luck would have it, both hoses/hose connections are broken. I'm OK getting sprayed in the face everytime I water my plants, but I can't very well expect my house guests to be as easy going as I am about these things. So add "fix broken hoses" to my growing list of things to do.) Then I stopped in at the retirement home I took pics at last week and dropped off some photos and cards. And then I brought Drew his car manual because he and his dad were removing the bumper from his car. By now it's getting close to 5:30 and I zipped over to Pitt Meadows to watch Dane and Stacy practice getting married.

I'm missing their wedding because I'll be in England, so Stacy invited me to watch the rehearsal. I asked them to cry for me, you know, to make it authentic, and they did. While Stacy was saying her vows, she choked up. On the other side of the camera, so did I. It was very satisfying...


Some pics:
(YAY, no more cleaning photos)

If you're interested in seeing more, go here.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends with things and advice.
2. Love and marriage.
3. A nine-hour plane ride with nothing to do but sleep, read or watch movies.


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