Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Know What This Is?

Let's play a game.
I'll show you a photo, you tell me what it is.
Fun, right?

We'll start with this one:

This is a bottom cabinet in my kitchen.
This represents 10 minutes of my time.

How about this one:

This is an upper cabinet. It, and the one below, represent another 15 minutes of my time:

And this?
Know that this is?

My kitchen has 13 drawers. It took me over an hour to clean, sort, line and organize them.

And this?

THIS is a totally weed free yard.
It took 4 hours.
(Not my 4 hours. I hired someone. There are not enough hours in a month.)

This is the back patio, it is cleaned up too.

Remember this book?
Filling it with confirmation numbers and reservation details has taken more hours than I can count.
(These were fun hours, to be sure.)

And this?

It's a huge post it note list with about 50 items on it.
I have had blood tests done, the truck has been serviced, a load of garbage has been taken to the dump, the truck is loaded with things for Sally Ann, all the bedding is in the process of being washed, the fridge and oven will get cleaned tonight, photo albums will be updated, Drew will get the new body parts for his car, Max's brakes have been repaired, photo DVD's have been delivered, laptop's hard drive is being cleared, British pounds have been ordered, Blood pressure meds have been ordered, hair has been cut...

Oh. And my blog got a new background. Whaddaya think?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Summer
2. England
3. Weed free gardens, a reliable vehicle, clean kitchen cupboards, organized pantry, spotless shed...
4. Sons who are mostly happy to help me.



Tricia said...

I have those orange tupperware measuring cups. They were a wedding gift.

Anonymous said...

I love the new background! And your kitchen cupboards look amazing too -- could mine ever look so spacious and clean? Have an awesome trip!

Anonymous said...

I need to do a house swap too... Very motivating...Just think you will come home to a lovely organized home....But, the weeds unfortunatly have a mind of their own.

Anonymous said...

wow,lots of work to go worth it!