Monday, July 19, 2010

Super Summer Sunday

In the past, Super Summer Sunday meant I was going to see Supertramp and Heart at the Empire Stadium. Now it means I have a some super fun things to do that do not involve head-bangin rocknroll.

The day started with my mom (and dad, in tow) swooping in ONCE AGAIN to come to the rescue.
"Mom? I bought some flowers from Costco. Can you bring some of your things over to my place and arrange them so they look nice for the shower this afternoon? I'm in charge of table decorations..."
"What time should I be there?"

She snipped and stuck and twisted and arranged ...

and made everything beautiful

while my dad sat at my table sucking a lollipop keeping his eyes on my mom at all times:

Some day, when I stop spending money on trips, I'm going to invest in "pretty things" so that when my daughters-in-law call for table-decorating help, I can swoop in too.

While mom was arranging and dad was sucking, Max and Drew were laughing:

And then? The shower. It was Naughty. It was Nice. It was in Brenda's backyard and it was awesome:

and so on...
If you want to see about 100 pics of the event, you can go here.

So after the shower, Drew, Danica and I went to McDonald's for supper because I forgot my purse at the shower and all I could scrounge up was $30 and then we went to Take Back The City (City-Wide worship service at Peace Portal)
And it was awesome.

And tomorrow. I am SO sleeping in.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends who laugh.
2. Children who laugh.
3. That because we were created in His image, God must laugh too.


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Anonymous said...

Keep enjoying life with your family and friends, the "pretty's" are always available to you, and when I'm gone, they're all yours and your sibs.