Thursday, July 1, 2010

Take Back the City

If you're in the South Surrey/White Rock area on Sunday evening and feel like worshipping (with a rockin' band) and listening to a message (by Phil Cann) and you don't mind being surrounded by mostly 16 - 28 year olds - then, by all means,  - drop by Peace Portal at 7 pm:

(Clint designed the poster and logo so I'm a little bit of a proud momma.)
Speaking of Clint, he`s decided (and this I know, could all change in a nanosecond) to spend a week in France while we're in England, so I casually looked into flights.
And if I clicked here now, there was a $20 discount.
Yes. The price really was calculated to having a total of zero dollars and zero cents.
The catch?

 $129.95 in taxes.

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