Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Guy Day

It's raining in England.

And it feels like Autumn.

And this vacation is winding down.

Today we did guy stuff.

1. Took the recycling to the depot.
I have no pictures. (Seriously. Taking a camera to a recycling depot? Do you think I'm a freak?)

2. We went to the British Heritage Motor Centre
Yes. I did take some photos:

This was the one millionth Austin - and it was signed by the people who built it:

Do you recognize this car? Which movie? Who drove it?

Another angle:

How about this one:

This one's easy:

(The Italian Job) Notice the two steering wheels? One was for the actor who acted like he was driving. The real steering wheel was for the driver.
Rick is figuring out the camera angle:

Did you ever see the movie Judge Dredd? Neither did I. This was in that movie:

How about Thunderbirds? Nope. Me either. But they sure had a cool car in that one:

The driver's seat looked like a cockpit:

This brought back memories:

The Batmobile from the TV show:

Val and John are back in Canada so Sandra had to sing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all by herself:

The Flinstones:

And a concept car that I found cool:

Lookit the seats:

Instead of side mirrors, it has cameras:

And there was crushed glass in the head and tail light housing:

3. Tonight we went to see The Expendables.

Dear Sly,

Please stop writing screenplays.

Thank you.
PS. You should probably retire from directing and acting as well.
And ease up on the cosmetic surgery - especially around the eyes.
And let the botox wear off. Wrinkles and facial expressions are not bad. Especially for 64 year olds.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I brought one long sleeve article of clothing. And I'm wearing it. Brrrr. Too cold for tank tops today.
2. Clint is reading The Happiness Project. This makes me happy.
3. Rick and Sandra are still here to help me clean this house.


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