Friday, August 20, 2010


It's raining again today.
So we stayed "home"; ate all the food in the fridge and talked about cleaning the house. Then each of us retreated to our own spaces and wished there was someone still awake in Canada to talk to on facebook.

I ended up finishing a book I started 3 weeks ago:

and am so glad I did.
You know how Jeremiah is such a tricky book to read? All about sieges and exiles and murder and prophecies and oracles and metaphors and whatnot?
OK maybe it's just me.

But for the first time ever in my 49 year history - I understand why some of the Jews were in Babylon. And why some were still in Jerusalem. And what the whole 70 year thing was all about.

I learned so much from the whole book, but the part that will stick with me for awhile is this section:

Johanan, a leader of Jews left behind in Jerusalem, went to Jeremiah, a known prophet of God, and asks for wisdom in what to do next. All the military intelligence available to him at the time suggested it would be best to flee to Egypt ....
"Tell me, Johanan, do you really seek the mind of Yahweh in your decision? And even if He made it known to you, would you submit yourselves to it?" Jeremiah asked.
"Petition your God on our behalf," replied Johanan, "and we who stand before you pledge by his own name that whatever is said will be obeyed. Whether it is for good or evil, we will obey the voice of Yahweh."
Jeremiah answered:
"It is no small thing to ask the mind of Yahweh. His thoughts are not just one more spice you toss into your deliberations and blend with the opinions of others. There are consequences even in the asking. The ignorant fare better than the rebellious."

By the time Jeremiah got back to Johanan with an answer (Stay in Jerusalem. God will bless and multiply you.) Johanan had made up his mind to leave for Egypt. In the end, it didn't matter what Yahweh said, he had looked at the pros and cons, and decided the best thing to do was leave. It didn't make sense to stay.

Of course, nothing but trouble followed the Jews to Egypt.

There are days when I wish God would be clear, super clear, about the direction I should go. But I have a feeling I would be just as stupid as Johanan and do the thing that makes sense rather than the thing that God asks me to do. Hearing His voice might not makes things easier.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Cool, wet weather makes it easy to say goodbye to England. I'm looking forward to going home.
2. Books that learn you something.
3. History.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this.

Christine Lindsay said...

Maybe some day I'll have time to read all the books I want to read. but then, just maybe, I'll have to wait for Heaven. I am so tired.