Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missing Him Already

We're in the process of getting Clint packed up for the big move into the city.
He's going to be living in Vancouver for the foreseeable future whilst being a fulltime student at SFU (taking International Studies with an emphasis on International Development.)

And even though he's moved out before, this time feels different. This time it feels like a big boy move.

I'm heading into the empty nest years.
And not all that thrilled about it.

When Max moved out last December he took a chunk of my heart with him. Another piece of me will be leaving in the next day or two and can I tell you that it's hard on a mom to have to chicklets fly the coop? I know. I know. Circle of life. Or something. Don't even bother.

I should've kept having babies every three and half years til someone made me a grandbaby to cuddle. Because really? A home should be full of people. My home should be full of people. My boy people.

Drew is not going to like living with a needy mom. Might have to start a support group for mom's with empty bedrooms. MWEB. We'll meet once a week. Maybe four times a week. And talk about the good ol days when our homes were littered with sock balls and the plastic straw wrappers from juice boxes.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I have a screen on my window. Whatever is walking around on my roof will not be able to push it's way into my bedroom.
2. Family dinners at my mom's place. Yay for the new BBQ. Yay for me being the "why don't you just bring the buns and pop" sister. Yay for Yahtzee and nieces and nephews and Shawshank Redemption and flowers on the deck.
3. Long weekends.



Anonymous said...

I hear you Jane. Everytime Shannon goes back to BC it takes me days to get over it. (Not completely)

Anonymous said...

I know.

When is the first meeting of MWEB? I'll bring the cupcakes and kleenex.

I love Shawshank too. "Better get busy livin' or get busy dyin'" or something like that. Good motto!


Sue said...

Sign me up - we can meet at my place too since it will become a black hole after Amy moves out this weekend too!