Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Stuff and Things

In no particular order:

Two friends stretched outside their comfort zones this weekend; both involved height and movement.

One friend overcame her fear of ferris wheels - (I only went on it with her if she promised not to scream.) 
She didn't scream. She even relaxed enough to have a conversation.

I couldn't talk her into riding the roller coaster though.

The other friend ziplined over a crevasse, where, earlier in the day, there was no zipline. (She was part of a crowd that installed a line, had a ride, then took it down.) SKETCHY, I know. 

That's her, dangling on a line, set up, minutes before, by some guy she met at Safeway a few days ago. 


We celebrated some events on Sunday at my dad and mom's place:

I like large decks. 

I'm happy with my patio except ...I'm freaked by the possums that slither across it like it's theirs. So, even though it's lovely outside. I sit inside. Because I am not a fan of sharing living space with ugly rodents who have 52 sharp teeth and pointed noses.

Getting back to Sunday. At my mom's.
She has a barbecue now. First time ever, I think.
And first time we've had a family gathering around a meal that is not turkey based. 

It was delightful.

Afterwards some of us cleaned up and some of us played Yahtzee:


I may have mentioned that Clint is moving out?
Le sigh.

It took Drew and me TWO hours to get there last night.

Traffic was stupid. 
So. That's the house he lives in. 
Park on the street.
Go up these steps...

Go to the side of the house...

Knock on this door...

and, ehrmmm, welcome to Clint and Sean's Place:

Behind this wall on the right is a 8' x 9' bedroom with no closet and an open stairway to the (out of bounds) upper part of the house. Clint is standing in living room. And right behind him is a room with a closet but no door that he will be using as a bedroom. There's a tiny bathroom behind the fridge. 

You've just had the grand tour. 

He's not sure if they'll be able to fit a regular sized couch in the living room. And they definitely do not have room for an 'eating area'. 

He is a student. And this is his home. 

Because he has this:

He sits in my seat an awful lot:

and he smiles.
He loves driving.
He reminds me every day.


While I was in England, my witty friend was in Prague/Turkey/Greece. If you haven't read the last 6 posts, go do it now. You will book airplane tickets by the time you're done. 

Her sister, the artsy one, is having a contest on her blog. Go over there and leave a comment with 10 words. If she picks your words.... something about creating a painting ... something to be won ... yadda yadda yadda. What're your 10 words? Mine were; 
belfry, graveyard, history, pink hollyhocks, tender, hot-air balloons, barefeet, drizzle, schwooly

So go now.

Know what I miss?
Camping. Not tent camping. But camper camping. With families and friends. 
Know what else I miss? 
Weekends at the cabin at the lake.
Know what else?
I miss lazy summer days at the beach.
Know what?
6 - 8 weeks of summer is not enough. 

I should move.
You know, to a place that has longer summers. 

Or something.

I am clearly not transitioning into Autumn very well.
Nor am I embracing this season of almost-empty-nest-hood with open loving arms.
And while I'm complaining I might as well mention that I don't like spiders. And I haven't got my washing machine fixed yet.

Thank goodness book club starts up again soon.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Looks like this last weekend of summer could be warm.
2. The freshly planted ivy and pansies in my window boxes; this should extend their colorfulness a few more months. 
3. The smell of freshly cut lawn.
4. Hand cream.
5. Watermelon.
6. An open sun roof on my truck.
7. Ottomans.
8. Weekend plans.
9. A not-sore knee. And no pinched nerve.
10. Fun things to do at work.


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