Saturday, September 4, 2010


Over the past few weeks, Drew's gf (Danica) and I have been planning a surprise 16th birthday party for the boy. Last night was it.

I don't think I'll plan a surprise party again.
WAY too much tension about keeping it a secret. About how to get him there. About what to do with 18 teens for 4 hours - two of them in the dark. About wondering if it really was a good idea in the first place. About wondering if anyone had a good time.

Earlier in the day, Drew's friend Andrew got his N, so he stopped by to take Drew out for a solo ride.
My youngest and his friends are growing up.
Why am I not totally ready for this?

My friend, Janice, (and her husband Peter) allowed us to invade their awesome farm and have the party at their place.

The kids waited for Drew to arrive at the end of their driveway:

Drew drove up with Erik, (on the guise that they were going to check out a framing place for pics his mom bought for their new house. Oh that Erik. So creative in his deceit.)

Drew was surprised. (Although he admitted later that he knew a party was in the works. He just didn't expect that it was that night.) (He saw, when we were in England, when he was looking over my shoulder, that I had a message from Danica in my facebook inbox. He was uncomfortable with her and I emailing, so he broke into my account to see what we possibly could be talking about. He saw then that we were planning a party.)

We had pizza and pop, then played Capture the Flag in the back forest:

Team Canada (Clint's team)

Team Yellow (Erik's team):

I am so very very thankful that Clint and Erik came and took on some leadership. Because really? No 16 year old kid wants his mom organizing games. Or saying words. Or even being at his party.

I miss having a farm in the family.
Farm parties are the best.
I am so very very thankful that Peter and Janice let us hang out. They and their property are awesome.

Two team captains dueling it out in a bridge match:

Birthday Boy running. First time in months.
He was worried he was going to have a heart attack.

Sittin' 'round the campfire. Not singing Kumbaya.

Janice shared her sparklers:

Happy Birthday, Drew.
I love you.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends.
2. Ice Cream Cakes.
3. Campfires.
4. Sparklers.
5. Sons.
6. Long Weekends.
7. A God who loves me.
8. The internet.
9. Beds.
10. Sunshine.


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