Monday, October 11, 2010


Turkey Day.
Thanksgiving Day.
10.10.10 Day
Sunny Day.
Family Day.

My mom always has the house looking like she's ready for a decorating magazine editor to drop by with her crew to do a photo shoot.

This is her desk, overlooking the deck with an awesome view of the river and the distant shore. Note how her snack matches the violets and ribbon.
See what I mean? All coordinated.

Below is the puzzle table.
And fresh flowers.

The dining room looked lovely: (Didja notice the new curtains?)

After supper the boys' project was to take the covered swing chair off the upper deck and put it on the lower deck. Rather than bringing it through the house, then down and around to the back (there are no exterior stairs off the deck into the back yard. Weird, eh?) they decided to lift it up, over and down.

Clint and Zac were on the upper end:

Drew and Chad were the catchers, down below:

After the frame was down, the seat went over next::

Aren't these interesting photos? No one lets me take "nice" pics, so I have to take action shots like these. 

After the dishes were done, we sat around the dining room table and played cards.
"Don't take pictures of my face."
"Put the camera down."
"Don't take pics of my hands."

(Seriously? I can't even take hand pics?)

Well, Daryl said I could take a pic of his hand.
He posed it for me:

Yeah. He's missing two fingers.

I don't think my kids noticed til they were like 10.

Dad always puts his hands on the table like this so he can see his rings. He was OK with me taking his pic.

We played a few rounds of 3 UP, 3 DOWN.

I won a few of those rounds.
It was such a good day.

I have warned everybody that when we meet again in November for Max's birthday we WILL be taking a family pic. With all body parts. And everyone.
Expect gym attendance to be up this week as we prepare for the big photoshoot.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Family dinners

2. My family

3. Sunny Days

4. Oh, and dinner on Friday night with friends pretty much rocked too...


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