Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tank sss GIVIN

The list of things I'm thankful for just keeps going on and on:

1. There is a laundromat only two blocks from my house.
2. Every time I've been there, there have been enough empty washers and dryers for me.
3. My floors are washed and my windows have been cleaned.
4. There will be turkey tomorrow. At my mom's. And it will be good.
5. Costco prints photos for only 17 cents each.
6. My gas fireplaces work. Nothing says cozy like a fire in the fireplace on a rainy afternoon.

I have hurt feelings and am feeling down. I am determined not to let the blues in and take over my entire weekend. I will, WILL, remind myself of how lucky I am by listing all the things I am thankful for.

7. I have the freedom to go to church tonight.
8. He loves me. He died for me. He is preparing a place for me.
9. He doesn't mind listening to me.
10. I am employed.
11. My dad and mom's health has stabilized. Dad is cheerful. Mom is at peace. And they both love me.
12. I live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world.
13. I have been offered a fun photo opportunity this fall.
14. I'm thankful Clint bought himself a camera. I love it when he takes photos.
15. I'm thankful that Max was able to slip out to California to be with his special someone this weekend. She has brought his ol smile back and I am thankful.
16. I am thankful that I haven't heard or seen a rodent in weeks.
17. I am thankful that I have a reliable vehicle even though Drew hates it.
18. I am thankful that the sensors on my camera were cleaned. SO nice not having spots on all my pics. (WHY didn't I do this BEFORE England?)
19. I am thankful for friends who like to play Scrabble on facebook.
20. Heck. I'm thankful for facebook.

To be continued.

21. I'm thankful for sermons that are meant just for me.
22. I'm thankful to be able to part of a large crowd singing Chris Tomlin worship songs on a Saturday night.
23. I'm thankful that I live in a part of the world where I am not persecuted for being a Christian.
24. I'm thankful that Niko Sushi made supper for Drew and I tonight. We had a lovely 4 minute meal.
25. I'm thankful for my mom. For the way she's happy to see me. For the way she loves me, listens to me, prays for me, feeds me ... and the way she does the same for my boys. She totally rocks.
26. I'm thankful for long conversations and warm houses and cold water and nieces who like having their boy cousins over for the evening.
27. I'm thankful for pansies.
28. And photo albums.
29. And clean clothes.
30. And lazy mornings.


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