Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Children Should Have Childhoods

So there's this kid, this big kid, who has been in my kids' lives for a few years. First the Murrayville Youth group, then a summer or two at Stillwood Camp, a couple Creationfest experiences, and finally a missions trip to Mexico.

His name is Adam and for as long as I've known him, he has invested in the lives of the children that cross his path. It has been a joy to watch him interact, love on, play with, and care about the kids in his life.

On Saturday night, he organized a fundraiser. He has a burden for the children in the Sudan who have been robbed of their childhoods. So he's going over there (he's buying a one way ticket) to do his part to bring about change.

One of his fundraising ideas was, for a minimum pledge of $500, someone could shave his trademark curls:

Over $700 was raised, and Sheila's name was drawn as the lucky winner who got to hold the clippers.

After she mangled his hairdo, another name was drawn... Tabitha. And she won the right to deal with his facial hair.

There's something inspiring about watching someone follow a dream.
Godspeed, Adam. I know He will continue to do great things through you.

(The next day the rest of it was removed):

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Family dinner on Sunday evening.

We celebrated Max's departure from his teen years.
Love you, Max.
And my dad? He loves my mom.
There was a table next to ours filled with women who had cameras, photo albums and chocolate cake.
I told my bro and sis that they looked like "my people". I wanted to go over to their table after our dinner was over and make some new friends.

As it turns out, I was the last from our group to leave, and as I walked past their table, I heard, "Jane? Is that you?" They recognized me (my family?) from facebook (?) this blog (?) ...

"Would you mind taking our photo?"

Turns out these gals were elementary school friends with my cousin Val. She was supposed to be here with them. And actually? I'd invited her and John to have dinner with us. (She had to work, so she missed both gatherings.)

Small world.
LOVE that.

2. I'm thankful that my mom loves making their house pretty:

3. I'm SO thankful that our power is back on. It was cold, creating cards by candlelight last night:

Graduation Invitation Cards for work. Back to cutting, pasting, folding and stuffing in my spare time this week.

4. Thankful for my cyber relationship with Tricia. And looking forward to another crack at co-blogging: rightcoastleftcoast...

5. Thankful for happy seniors who are willing to pose for marketing photos:

I had a "paying" gig tonight...

So. Much. Fun.

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