Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Whoa. Record breaking COLD temps in my neighbourhood these days. Add the record breaking wind speeds to 15 hours without power and I feel like a pioneer woman.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Gas fireplaces
2. Downfilled, fluffy blankets
3. Drew was home

Note: to the two of you who checked rightcoastleftcoast yesterday, sorry there was no new Pic of the Day yesterday... I had no power. Monday's photo is now up.

For added fun - Tricia and I will have a new theme each week. We chose a word last weekend, and all week we'll be taking pics with that word in mind. Can you guess?


Unknown said...

I get confused on the right coast / left coast because it says that you're on the left coast, but your pictures are on the right side of the page (right?) -- I think you guys need to swap coasts or swap sides to makes things less confusing.

Unknown said...

I take it back. Don't publish these comments. I think it's just b/c the title has the sides swapped. Or I was really tired when I was checking it out.