Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seasons are Colliding ...

... in my backyard.

My geraniums, still blooming and cheerful, are being pelted with snow tonight. Summer is meeting winter on my patio and the result will be soggy, rotting flowers.

My Escape met winter for the first time tonight too. I picked Drew up from Danica's at 10 and he had to drive. "How will I learn to drive in the snow if you don't let me?"

So he took over, promising to 'be good'.
I moved my butt into the heated passenger seat and tensed up for an hour while he cruised around the streets of downtown Langley, the freeway, the back roads in Surrey and finally the hills in Fraser Heights. He, who has nothing good to say, ever, about my truck, conceded that it handled well in the snow.

It took me forever to drive home at midnight. Not because I got stuck or anything. But because scared inexperienced drivers were on the freeway, going 2 miles per hour. Which was just pure silliness. I passed half a dozen little pick-ups and mustang-like cars in the ditches along 232nd.

I purposefully left my freshly dry-cleaned down-filled comforter in the back of the truck when we headed out this evening. Because. Well because I personally wasn't dressed for winter. I wasn't even really dressed for fall. So I planned ahead, trying to be prepared in case I slid into the ditch and needed to wait for a tow truck to get me out. I could use the queen-sized, plastic-wrapped blanket to keep warm AND dry. Plus I saw a half-finished bottle of water tucked under the passenger seat, which I left there. Just in case I would bestranded for a few days, I wouldn't dehydrate. And for energy? I had my cupcake decorating sugars in baggies still in the back from Halloween.

I could have been a boy scout, I was that prepared.

But my truck handled the ice and snow like a polar bear. Once again, I have the opposite of buyer's remorse.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Haven't you been listening? I'm thankful for ma ttttruckkk.

2. Sharing a blog with a HTML master. LOOKIT what she did! Look how she was able to reconfigure some code and something something and make our joined pics SO FRICKING HUGE. Scroll down to see my lame attempts two years ago. Can you see the difference? Holy smokes the pressure is on to take good pics. I can hardly wait.

3. Having a friend PVR Glee for me (well, and her daughters too) (OK. She tapes it for her daughters but sat and watched it with me tonight) because I missed it on Tuesday. And THEN let me play around on her mac so that I would stop being afraid to open the lid on the macbook I was given to use at work. (In my defense, I have spent every working hour plus a whole lot of extra hours, just getting mail out the door these past 5 weeks. So stop judging me right this minute. I haven't had a spare moment to introduce myself to my new-ish toy.) But that will change over Christmas. I will fondle the keypad and stroke the space bar before the new year.


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