Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks, Clint

Tonight was supposed to be the first night of a new tradition; Drew and I would drive out to Surrey to pick Clint up from skytrain at 7:30 pm.

Then I'd drop them both off at LEC so they could hang out together at the gym doing parkour for a few hours. Then at 10, Drew and I would drive him back to Surrey with a bag full of groceries and some homemade meals. 

What a fun Thursday tradition, no?

So. We left the house at 7, with Drew in the driver's seat. (He had a tiny taste of what it's like to drive in the snow - and he loved it.) We picked up Clint (who was a little late because he was reading and missed the stop) at 7:40, and were back at LEC by 8:00.

At 8:01 both boys were back in the truck - "drop in gymnastics was cancelled until further notice" according to the sign on the door. So sad. 

But win win for me, because we came back to the house where Clint ate up some leftovers and loaded up with some groceries and taught me something on Photoshop Elements. 

You see, Tricia and I are going to start posting to our blog again, hopefully on Monday. (Our last post was about 2 freaking years ago.) And I wanted to learn how to 'join' our photos in a way that was more nicer than before. You'll notice that our old pairings ended up reconfiguring our photos so that two SQUARE images were side-by-side. And really? Who takes square pics? They are rectangular, right? So I needed to learn a new technique. And voila - LOOKIE HERE:

Two rectangular photos of my Drewbie...

16 year old Drew                                    2 year old Drew

(And when you click on it, it opens up in a much larger file. Yay.)
So, yeah. I'm feeling like I can learn anything. Come on. Teach me something.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Clint's patience. Especially in light of his deep sorrow ... he thought he'd be doing flips into a pit, not sitting on a couch beside his mom.

2. Getting a shout out on Persis's blog. By the way, Die Jane does not mean DIE Jane. Use the translate function of Google and you'll see it means, THE Jane. (Like THE Donald.) (Donald Trump.) Too funny. And so awesome.

3. FUN weekend ahead.


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Anonymous said...

It is too funny!! Havn't even thought about "DIE Jane"
Love Persis