Thursday, November 11, 2010

Expanding One's Interests

In the Happiness Project, Gretchen talks about "going off her usual path" so that she would encounter unexpected thoughts, unfamiliar scenes, new people and so on.

One of her ways of doing this was, on Mondays, to buy 3 magazines that she would never have read before this challenge. She walked into the magazine aisle, went to an area that was unfamiliar to her, closed her eyes and pulled out a magazine at random. Her first week she got: Equus (special issue on "the Healthy Horse"), Paper Crafts Gourmet and Fresh Outlook. This is what she noted: "I was glad I'd done it. I found something useful, provocative, or amusing. It was a painless way to get new and unexpected ideas into my brain."

With that in mind, I asked my friend, (my horse loving friend) Terry if she wanted to see Secretariat with me this evening. Her husband wanted to come too, so the three of us watched a movie about the greatest race horse to ever live.

It was fascinating. And don't think for one minute I didn't come home and Wikipedia/research more info on Penny and her horse.

So. Yeah. Lookit me. Expanding my interests.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It's Jim and Jacquie's anniversary today. Congrats, guys. Love you.
2. Memories
3. Kind words


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