Saturday, November 13, 2010


I got rid of 3 things today; a fridge and 2 pillows. Only 97 items to go.

I did not walk 2.5 kilometers. Nor have I done 25 sit ups. No gold star for me.

But my mom and I DID get about 150 (of the 400) pieces of mail ready for the post office. Too bad that wasn't on my list.

Last weekend, when I was re-reading The Help, (to prepare for my book club meeting) - one passage struck close to home. It was when Minnie (the day-servant) said to Celia (the white trash woman Minnie worked for) - "stop judging yourself by the way that woman (Miss Hilly, a snobby high society b*tch) sees you..."

Celia was seeing herself through Miss Hilly's eyes. And she was ashamed of what she saw. Any confidence she had was lost.

On Wednesday, at work, (before my book club meeting), Steve asked me to photocopy some pages he'd need for a study he was doing with his church's youth group. It was a "Who Am I" talk, based on the following statements:

As a child of God I am -

  • fearfully and wonderfully made
  • God's workmanship
  • loved
  • chosen
  • rescued
  • forgiven
  • righteous and holy
  • a citizen of heaven

At work, we had bookmarks made with a whole list of Who Am I truths. I have one posted to my monitor. I don't think I've ever let those words sink into my soul because most days I see myself as the one not good enough to be married or the woman who most annoys three O boys.

I've viewed myself through those 4 sets of brown eyes for 35 of my 50 years.

I should not have given them that much power.

Maybe that's something I should get rid of?

96 items to go.

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