Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little Joy

According to Google translate, Kleine Freude (the name of my German cousin's daughter's blog) is "Little Joy".

You must zip right over there and take a peak. LOOK AT HER PICTURES.

She does Fabulous Photography. So beautiful.

I especially love these:
and these:

According to our latest facebook conversation, this is what my young (early 20's) relative, (Persis is her name) is up to these days...

Finally I have time to do stuff that i love!! In February I graduated from university in interior design and after that i went to bibleschool for 2 months (torchbearers in Austria), and as soon as i came back home i got an offering to work as an project manager assistant in Paris. We renovated a hotel. I worked there for a few months and now I'm looking for a different internship.... because that's what I planned for a year.... doing different internships to find out what i like the best.... set design, photography we'll see!

It's all very exciting. right now, i love... creative stuff, but also rejoice in jesus and love the people around me . a challenge every day, but living in jesus is the most satisfying one..... (o;

 If you want to read the words that accompany the photos, use Google Translate (just discovered it today. It will translate from the German to the English. Poorly I might add) unless of course YOU deserved the 'best German student' that YOU might have won back in the '70's in high school and YOU can translate it yourself. I am not that student.

Persis always ends her blogs with 3 things she's thankful for. In German.
What a good idea:

3 Dinge für die ich dankbar bin....
1. Gesundheit
2. Liebe
3. Sonnenschein


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