Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Couv

Faye, Sandra and I hung out with Dave, Matt and Chris tonight in the Couv. It was awesome.

(The Couv is Vancouver.)
(Dave is David Crowder.)
(Matt is Matt Redman.)
(and Chris? Chris is Chris Tomlin.)
(The event was the Passion World Tour. We, the couv, were the last stop.)

This is not my first Passion Tour experience.
I was in attendance when they stopped in, in 2008. Probably only the best concert experience of my life.

So, despite the repeated requests that tickets be bought by university-aged students (and their leaders) ONLY - I bought 6 tickets. Five of them went to university-aged girls. And I was their leader. In a very loose interpretation of the word "leader".  (We didn't drive in together or see each other at the event. Nor do we really see each other in real life. But we are facebook friends... )

That whole target market thing is annoying. 17 - 24 year old university students. Really? Of the 27 people I personally knew who were attending, not one was a university student. But it didn't matter. We (almost 50 year olds) "got" the message anyway. And we loved singing along with those musicians. And we loved worshiping through those songs. And it was totally OK having the base so loud that it pounded in our chests. And we totally didn't mind praying for the city. And we loved praying for the university campuses in BC. And it was totally OK to hear a message about being passionate about everything we do and giving God the glory.

And it was exceptionally inspiring to hear the story about Owl City - a 24 year old from Minnesota who has made it big. His hit is "Fireflies". You can listen to it here. Catchy tune, no?

This is a kid who does what he loves to do, and does it well. Very well. His song is in the top 20 downloaded songs on itunes. He does sold out shows in every major market. He's good. He has 30,000 twitter followers. And apparently his tweets are random thoughts like, "more broccoli please". Nothing offensive. But also, nothing deep.

And then. Then. On Easter Sunday, he tweeted three words; "He is risen."

Code words.
He's a Christian. Obs.

And then last week, on his blog? He blogged this.

His last sentence ... When He comes for His own, He will have no trouble recognizing me… because my banner will be clear.
is incredibly inspiring to me.

Is my banner clear?
Will He recognize me?


God is writing a story. And we are all characters in his storyline. Writers put characters in stories on purpose for a purpose. We can either live our lives, being part of HIS great story, contributing our gifts and time towards the big picture.  Or we can spin our wheels trying to make our own stories, which are all about us.

I love that this Adam Young, (Owl City) chose to acknowledge that he is part of God's story. His music, his fame, his big hits are being used by God for His purposes for this generation. And that? Is cool.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The opportunity to sing "How Great is our God" with Chris Tomlin tonight. 11,000 voices. Goosebumps. He stopped singing twice and just smiled at us while we filled the arena with praise. (I just checked his website. This is what he twittered about tonight: passion Vancouver. i will never forget hearing you sing "how great is our God" as long as i live. wow! what a massive night.)
By the way, now that he's engaged -- I'm officially over my crush on him. In case you were wondering.

2. The spine tingling experience of worshipping with Matt Redman, (I think it Matt who lead) singing The Stand:

So what can I say.
What can I do.
But offer this heart O God,
Completely to You.

So I'll stand,
With arms high and heart abandoned,
In awe of the One who gave it all.

3. The opportunity to pray with Sandra and Faye for our city, for our pastors, for our universities and for the students in Sao Paulo (who have been praying for us since the Passion Tour was there two months ago.) (By the way? That was an emotional moment for me. Seeing video footage and photos of students who have been praying for the event I attended tonight. Complete strangers wearing their wrist bands for two months, as a reminder to pray for our city.)

Also. I'm thankful that I went to this event with two friends with beautiful voices. I stood between them and just loved listening to them sing. 

4. Also. I'm thankful for a nice long facebook chat with Clint tonight. I miss him sometimes. 


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