Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sisters and Chicks

What a fun afternoon.
Four sisters (one here visiting from England) and their mom asked me to take their pics today.

Carmen, Monica, Rosalee and Evelyn.
Awesome women.

We met at Evelyn's place.

She has two driveways.

And alot of trees.

Apparently there are some brothers too. But they weren't interested in asking them to join them.

Remember those pics I took of Maxine's family and her puppies?
Well Evelyn loved those pics, so she thought it'd be fun for them to all hold baby chicks.

Not sure if those feathered friends are as photogenic as the playful puppies ...

Is there a periodical for chicken farmers? These sisters could be cover girls...

Carmen's baby rooster started pooping.

Youngest to oldest.
Tallest to shortest.

A very fun twenty minutes.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The Passion Concert is tomorrow!
Are you coming? Chris Tomlin. David Crowder. Matt Redman. Come on. It'll be awesome.

2. The washing machine and dryer are both working beautifully.

3. Amazing stories of wonderful people. (Those lottery winners ($11 million) who have given away 98% of their winnings.) (The Chilean miner who is in New York to run the marathon.)


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