Thursday, December 16, 2010

Andrea? I LOVED it.

How long ago was it that you lent me that book?
A year?
WHY did it take me so long to read it? Why? Oh why?

Book club? If you're reading this, we should totally consider this as a fluffy option:

Andrea? It was so good. I did not want it to end. I want to lend it to everyone, but I will return it to you in the next day or two.


This has been the most work-heavy December I've lived through since my retail days. Holy cow. I keep waiting to come up for air. Seriously.

I am so not ready for Christmas. Is everyone all done? Because no one else is bustling out there. Clint and I shopped at Guildford last night for about an hour and we were alone in the mall. No shoppers. No lineups. No problem finding parking. It was weird. Then tonight? We went to Ikea. And again. NO ONE. We stopped in at Home Outfitters, and he noted, that if wasn't for the Christmas music playing, which actually did feel a little creepy, there was no "feeling" of Christmas in the store.
Oh well.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I spent two evenings with my boy. Shopping (ugh) but still. Know what we picked out for him for Christmas? New sheets and pillow cases and duvet cover. Hahahahaha. It's what he wanted and he seems thrilled by his new gun-metal grey and burgundy bedding. And was very thankful as we drove away. "Did you think, even two years ago, you'd CHOOSE bedding as a Christmas gift?"
I love having sons who are growing up. So very awesome.

2. There was a note in my inbox from Max tonight. He sent a link. And these words:  photo 16, this is a great site if you don't already know about it
Know why this is special to me? 
a. Because he was looking at a great photography site. And wanted to share it with me. 
b. We were both at photo 16, in 2005. It was a magical place, and seeing photos of it brings back good memories. 

3. Shannon is here for an overnighter tonight. We ate popcorn and watched 10 Things I Hate About You and mourned the passing of Heath again. At 11 pm, I finished placing Christmassy items around my home, and I'm going to say I'm done. 


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raych said...

I also took forever to read this, because I thought it was an inspirational memoir or some such. BOY HOWDY WAS I WRONG!

So very good.