Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Place on Earth

Last night before I went to bed (well, actually, it was more like morning. 4:45 am to be exact) I checked the weather forecast and nothing but sunshine was predicted.

When I got up at 11, there was snow on the ground.

We went ahead with our plans to walk at the beach, regardless.

There was no snow there.
Just beautiful sunshine.

I love this place.

Love having someone to walk with.

We walked and talked all afternoon, then watched the sun set.

Saw some snow on the drive home:

Then Shannon and I went to our fav place for dinner and finished up by seeing:

(Which I really enjoyed. Love movies based on true stories.)

Then I came home and watched:

which was better than I expected. Ben Affleck is growing up nicely. However I'm not recommending this to any of my readers as it's violent and profane.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The beach. The sun. The snow.
2. The people in my life.
3. Spinach.


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Felice said...

Ohhhh Jane...I feel like I was there! Thanks for those great pics...and the ones with your friends too!