Monday, January 24, 2011

Bake n Take

Fun afternoon.
The kids were all home, baking and cooking. Decorating and eating.
First Mandi, Halee, Danica, Drew and Max baked a batch of sugar cookies and a batch of shortbread cookies.
Then they unleashed their creative energy and colored the cookies in using icing. Neon bright icing.
Just as we were finishing up, Clint and Sean arrived, prepared to "make meals". Clint wanted to learn how to make some more suppers...
So we made a double batch of lasagna and a triple batch of vegetable beef soup.
The girls left, the boys stayed for dinner.
And I loved every minute.

Dear God,

Thank you for these kids.

Thank you for loving them.

I know that it is by Your design and for Your purposes that they are friends right now. 

I pray that You would protect them from things that would pull them away from You.

As they navigate their way through these years, it is my prayer that you would direct their paths. 

I pray that You would clearly reveal Your purposes for their lives and they would be able to respond with joy.

Show them how much You love them in ways that are irrefutable. Undeniable. Personal.

God, I pray for their fears, their insecurities, their challenges. Please help them as they face those things that bring them pain and cause sadness. Help them live the rich, full lives You created them for.

Be with them in their relationships with each other and others. Enable them to encourage each other, lift up each other, support each other and challenge each other.

God, I pray that each one of these young people will have a life-changing interaction with You this year. 

That they would each have a "God-moment" when they need it most.

Protect them from people who would hurt them.

Protect them from situations where evil prevails.

Bring into their lives mentors whom they trust. Mentors with wisdom and patience who love you.

For those who are in school, give them a desire to learn, unmuddled minds, good teachers and success in learning.


Things I'm thankful for:

1. My dishwasher

2. Having a second fridge in the garage

3. Weekends

4. My sons.

5. Their friends.

6. Hope

7. Colors

8. Cookies


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