Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can't Do 2 Things at Once Anymore

When did this happen?
This inability to watch a show and do something else at the same time ...
I was planning on puttering in the kitchen most of the day. Plus I had a ton of organizing to do at my desk. So I picked up a few DVD's to watch while I worked.

That so did not happen.
I'd get sucked into the story and sit on the couch til the credits rolled.

 (Ashton Kutcher nailed his part.)
(Can I say that Jason Bateman did a fabulous job with this role. Man. )

(Reminded me, on a MUCH grander scale, of our cabin at Cultus and the community at Lindell Beach)

(LOVE true stories. And Flash of Genius was a great story.)

(Artsy. NOT Disney-ish. OK, but not mindblowing.)

(Chris Pine was in this gritty one. Horrendous language with a "Good Will Hunting" type of storyline. I liked it.)

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Kids are coming home tomorrow afternoon. YAY.
2. My house. I feel spoiled sometimes, you know?
3. God's patience with me.


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