Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 71st Birthday, Mom

You're not that old.
I'm glad you've got a whole lot more life to live...

Thanks, eh?

You rock.


Coolest mom. Coolest grandma.

From being the flirty 13 year old who caught a tough 17 year old guy's eye, to being the young mom with big hair and short skirts, to being "Billie" of Billie's Country, to being the caregiver of our care-needing dad - you have done it all with style, with grace, with love and with joy.

You are my role model.

I love you.

Thanks for being my friend.

My fashion adviser.

My mom.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Jane you make me cry. I could never have been all that you say I was, but thanks anyway for overlooking all my faults and only seeing the good, I love you.