Friday, February 25, 2011

1.2.3. Thingys (x2)

Three things I'm thankful for;

1. LOVELY yet freezing cold evening on Seymour last night with Drew and Danica. They snowboarded with her sister and boyfriend. I people-watched in the bar and shivered. Being cold is physically draining.  

2. SUCCESSFUL (in that I still am employed) performance review at work this morning. One supervisor's face was on my desk (via skype), while the other was sitting beside me. Being nervous is physically draining.

3. NOTICED there is a sale on at Costco for photo prints- just 10 cents each. So I WASTED an entire evening uploading pics to their online photo centre.

4. ANTICIPATING that tomorrow will be an awesome day.

5. LISTENED to part 2 of the Jonah series of sermons. Can I recommend that you give it a listen? No really. It's really good:

A Storm, Some Sailors, and a Sturgeon from Northview Church on Vimeo.

6. WATCHED The Office tonight. First time this season. It's still a good show.


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