Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday = Day of Rest

It's well into the afternoon and I haven't even washed my face or gotten out of my pajamas yet. I did bake some cheese biscuits and made myself a pot o tea, but that's about it as far as expending energy is concerned.

It's Saturday.
Other than attending a family dinner tonight, I didn't make any plans for this day.
And a day without plans is a day where nothing gets done.

Wait. That might not be totally true.
A day with no plans usually means I'll catch up on praying. (Specific, intentional prayers for specific people.) And reading my Bible. (Specific sections, usually tied into a sermon series I've been listening to online.) And pondering the contents of the devotional I'm using. (Reading the daily sections for the past week, underlining the good nuggets.)

And then I kick myself for not making this part of my daily routine.
Why is that?
Why do I always do this on Saturdays, but inconsistently the rest of the week. Oh, yeah, Ok, sure, I pray daily as I am prompted (hourly it seems) but almost all my prayers - are about "PLEASE GOD, could You protect, deliver, bring, display, heal, speak, give, hold and forgive" and almost never about "YOU ARE AWESOME." I am way better at being thankful than being sorry. I rock at praying for things and suck at praying praises.

If there's a way to feel guilty about praying and talking to God, I am going to own it. Queen of I Don't Do This Good Enough.

I have this job at an organization that is in the business of developing Christian leaders. Erhmm, let me be clearer. We don't take people and develop them into Christians. Nor do we take normal Christians and develop them into leaders. We invest in people who are already Christian leaders and develop them to be more. More better. More better Christian. More better leaders. We develop them to be led more by Jesus. So that they will lead more like Jesus did. With the ultimate goal being that more people will be lead to Jesus.

My role at this organization? Is to process donations (we are a Not For Profit ministry), get mail to the post office on time, and arrange events. A great job for me. But not one that is part of the "real" business that we do... helping leaders grow in character, competency and calling. Every once in awhile, however, I get a glimpse into what the impact of our program has on the participants, and I am moved. Such was the case on Friday when I was asked to edit an upcoming graduation booklet. Each leader's photo, along with their 'personal mission statement' is printed in a 'year book' type handout.

Those personal mission statements?
Totally inspiring.
Reading them once. Then twice. Then three times (looking for grammar and spelling mistakes) was a great way to start the morning.
Real people. With real commitments to God. their family and their calling.

Do you have a mission statement? Or a statement of purpose? Or a motto?

Care to share?

I think I'm going to work on one this month.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. This day of Sabbath.
2. Fireplaces, cups of tea, comfy pj's, dusting of snow outside, peace
3. Inspiring words.


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