Sunday, February 6, 2011

Know What This Means?

Traditionally, I get pedicures just before I go somewhere.
I'm going somewhere.
In 4 sleeps.

I'm almost totally psyched about this trip.
"Almost" because Mark is taking all the boys to Hawaii (which traditionally has been my cue to get out of town.) Well, he's taking almost all the boys. Max is staying home, hoping he'll get called back to work; he doesn't want to be out town when they might call.


So I'm leaving him in God's hands (again and still) while I go visit Rose in Puerto Vallarta for ten freaking days of glorious tropical sunshine, tear-jerking chick flicks, captivating well-written best-selling novels, healthy delicious group-cooked meals and long, meandering butt-shaping walks with no exploring.

I know.

No really. I know.

How did I get to be so lucky/blessed/fortunate? How I ask? How?

If you knew the negative thoughts of doomed anticipation that flooded my mind back in 1998 when I thought life as a divorced woman was going suck, you would be amused. Seriously.

Hang in there.
When things are awful and seem to be getting worse, don't give up.
In the book, Cry the Beloved Country, someone says to someone else something about "the fear of the storm is worse than the aftermath. You can always rebuild your house." The pessimistic dread about what life would look like after he left was the forecasted storm in my life. (Storms can be an actual storms, or they could be the storms of emotions caused by the decisions of others regarding drugs, relationships, finances, faith, the future, whatever -  that will inevitably rock your world as you know it. ) But once the storm has released it's fury on you, you just set about the business of rebuilding your house. And your new house doesn't have to (and probably shouldn't or won't) look the same; you can redesign if you want. One thing you will do - is build it stronger. You'll build it on a stronger foundation.

But I didn't know that then.
I had no idea. I didn't know.
And probably if someone had told me, I wouldn't have believed them.

So that's why I'm so surprised.
So gobsmacked by all the good things in my life.
I just never thought my life would be so rich and full and fun.

Psalm 92:4 "You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what You have done.”

I am totally spoilt.


valerie said...

WOW! Have fun. Yippee for surprises.

Anonymous said...

So excited for you...sun ,sun and more sun....I know you will enjoy!!!