Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Weekend that Was

We celebrated a friend's birthday on Friday evening at a brand new restaurant in Abby, "Sliced Tiger" (with Laos-ese menu) and this was her froo - froo girly birthday-girl drink that apparently was delish. So she took a photo of the recipe.

We ate and talked and talked and talked and noticed we were the last folks there. And when we asked what time they closed, we had outstayed our welcome by half and hour.

 So we got back in the van, yes, we all drove together in one vehicle. And our driver, the organizer, asked, "Do we still have things to talk about, or should we call it a night?"

We did have things to talk about, (and even if we wouldn't of, we would have made something up) so we closed down "After Thoughts" over dessert and coffee.

I love having friends.
Ones with big eyes and big vans:
Ones with big hearts and big smiles:

Ones that have been in my life for 20 years. And others that have been around for 5. 

Happy Birthday, Shell. Getting old is nbd.

I got home at midnight, took my turn in all my Scrabble games, caught up on some blog reading, looked over a few facebook pages then checked my three email accounts. This may have taken an hour or so. Then at 1:00 am, I started cleaning the house. I tidied the kitchen, swept the main floor, cleared away my crafting supplies, dealt with all Drew's clothes (he washed everything he owned and "sorted" them. Things he WANTED were hung over the railing, the bookcases, in doorways and on counters. Things he DIDN'T want were left in a huge pile on the floor outside my bedroom.) By 2 am, the house looked presentable, so I went to bed. And read for half an hour.

By 8:00 am, my house was full of young people.
Clint had arranged for our house to be used in a promo shoot for the upcoming historymakers event. Producer, cameraman, actors, extras, and coordinator were all having their planning meeting on the exact spot of Drew's discarded clothes, right outside my bedroom door, at 8:15 am.

The first shot? In Drew's bathroom. The ONLY room in the house I did not tidy the previous night. WHO would have anticipated a bathroom shot for a Christian event promo video? So not me. When they moved outside, I grabbed my camera and snuck a few pics of my own:

Jonathan K:

Clint, hosing down the street, because for the first time in weeks, it was dry.
Clint, losing interest in watering down the street:

I have pictures of him as a 2 year old playing with a hose as well. Seems like yesterday.

Camera guy:

Actors, waiting for their cue to find their places:

Recognize this sweetheart? Know what she did 12 hours before showing up for this shoot?
She won the BC Talent Search!
Proud of her.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. LOVE the creative process.

After they left, I tidied the house again, because that's what moms do. We were born to clean -it's our destiny. And it brings us such a deep abiding feeling of fulfillment.

My kids were all home (Max volunteered to help Clint out with the shoot. He played a 'bad boy' cameo) eating. Love that.

Then in the evening, Danica came over - so Drew had someone to hang around with.
And Christine came over - so I had someone to talk and craft with. We made a table-seating chart for her daughter's upcoming wedding. I know; too fun.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Full weekends.
2. Lazy Sundays.
3. New GLEE episodes.


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