Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More of the Same

It's Day 7 of this holiday.
It looked alot like Day 6.
Cuz sitting around the pool, reading books, and eating carrot sticks is exactly how I hoped to spend time this week.

Wayne took us all out tonight, to celebrate Rose's birthday.
Oh my goodness. I CANNOT say enough positive things about the restaurants down here. SO incredible. We went back to that cute little beach town, famous for it's artsie-ness and had Italian food right on the beach. No really. Right on the beach. The waves. The ocean air. The the the everything...

The lighting was romantic.
Which made it impossible to read the menu.

So I lent my glasses to Wayne, and using the candle, he tried to figure out what to order.
The owner noticed our dilemma and brought us some extra candlepower:

Pure genius, no?

We got two of them, seeing our average age was "old".

Every single attention to detail in this place was perfect.
Except maybe the artwork on the wall behind Rose.
All evening long I had this in my line of vision:

Yup. It's man. And that is a penis.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. We're going on an "art walk" tomorrow.
2. Fresh flowers in the house.
3. Gala apples. SO good here.


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Christine Lindsay said...

That photograph of the door and the purple flowers above it would make a gorgeous painting. The kind of thing, if I ever had time again, I'd like to do.