Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Repeat

I love you ...

Dear Clint, Max and Drew -

I love you.

You are my favoritest people in the world and I love being your mom.

Clint, I am proud of you for going back to school and am thrilled that you are doing so well. Your compassion for the homeless is inspiring and I know that as God watches you care and feed 'the least of these' He is pleased.   You have been uniquely made for His purposes and I pray that you will continue to seek His will in all you do. I love your creativity, your sharp mind, your commitment to excellence and your quest for knowledge.

Keep an eye on your younger brothers. They will be your best friends someday.
Don't forget to brush your teeth, read your Bible, say something kind and take a vitamin everyday.

Max, you are my much loved second son and I was so glad when you were born; you were exactly what I was hoping for. I thank God for you every single day and pray that He will keep you under the protection of His 'wing' all the days of your life. You are quick witted, highly intelligent, gentle and generous. Every so often I see a glimmer of the man you are in the process of becoming and my heart does a little leap of excitement. I am confident that Max (the man) will be even more awesome than Max (the child) was.

Keep in touch with your brothers. They love you.
Floss your teeth, dig deeper with God, laugh with your friends and eat an apple everyday.

Drew. Drew. Drew. Wow I am so glad a I had a third son sixteen years ago. I love your enthusiasm for life, your willingness to face your fears, your dedication to your friends, and your passion for chocolate and cars. You are here by God's design and I am looking forward to all that He has in store for you. I am in awe of your special ability to connect with both guys and girls of all ages. You count 23 years olds as well as 12 year olds as your friends and this continues to inspire me to do the same.

Keep loving your brothers. You guys need each other.
Try not to get any more cavities, don't stop praying, aim for 8 hours of sleep each night and cut back on the snacks.

To all of you,

Look for opportunities to do good. Know that your efforts make a difference. Aim for excellence, don't settle for 'adequate'. Love God; He loves you. Support a child or two through Compassion. And write to them. Be real. Keep in touch with your grandparents - they have loved you forever. ExploreDon't let the baggage of your past determine the journey you take to your future. ForgiveLaugh.Think. Be creative - it's in your genes. Pray without ceasing - He loves to listen to you. Seek help. Don't be embarrassed  to ask for assistance. Share. Share your story. Share your joy. Share your lunch.Be patient. Listen. Be discriminatory about the music you have on your MP3 players. Read the Bible - it's God's letter to you... check out how many ways He tells you that He adores you. Jump on the trampoline. Shoot hoops. Carve down the mountain. Go for walksSwim in the ocean. In the lake. In a pool. Extend grace.Remember. Remember the good times. Remember the laughter. Remember the fireworks, the cabin, the farm, the holidays, the happy meals, the store, the barn, the shop, the van, the shooting stars, the parades, the carpooling, the love. Remember the love.

Happy Valentine's Day. I love you.


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