Monday, February 14, 2011

Senior Wayne

Today was Wayne's day off, so he drove us around.
First, he escorted us to the Marina for an early brunch:

(Maxine, this sailboat reminded us of you. Because, well, you're going sailing. And it was named "Maxine".)

We ate here:

And it was seriously delicious. 
Then he drove us to one of his projects. So we could hang out there,

The lighter blue water in the foreground is the pool, the darker water is the ocean.
Seriously awesome.

"Take a picture of me! If I was on facebook, this would be my status pic. And if you are the one who organizes my funeral slide show, make sure this one gets in..."

My friends:

Peeking over the edge of the infinity pool, looking onto the beach below.

When I wasn't in the pool, I was sitting here:

The pool was just this awesome:

While Rose and Sandra changed, Senior Wayne looked at his construction site up on the hill. (We tanned and swam at phase one.) Phases two through seven are across the street and up the hill. ONE HUNDRED ACRES. There will be seven twelve-story buildings.

Before we drove through the construction site, he gave us a tour of the hotel/apartments in phase one:

Which was spectacular:
Unbelievable attention to detail:
(Great sink, no?)

The spa on the penthouse floor:

My hosts this week:

On our way back to the house, we stopped at Costco, and Sandra's day was complete:

And then? For supper? OH. My. Goodness.

We were invited to join Wayne's cousins at a cute, quaint, adorable, incredible, wonderful little restaurant in a tiny artists town for dinner.

It was outside, behind a quirky, awesome store, in the backyard. It was lit by tiny lights, candles and the stars above. Here's Wayne, using my glasses to read the menu:

These are the cousins, Shirley, Don and Bonnie:

All of the plants are in pots. The fence is made of brick. 
So pretty.
So funky.

The yard was paved with bricks and stones and tiles and it was beautiful:

The musicians were guitarists, and they entertained us well.
At the end of the night, there was dancing:

It was a perfect day.
In every way.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Wayne and Rozann. Gracious hosts.
2. Wayne's cousins. Friendly, inspiring, interesting, interested, inviting.
3. The opportunity I have to be here. Feeling blessed.


valerie said...

I am sure that Sandras holiday is now complete.

Tricia said...

I never thought I wanted to go to Mexico until I saw these pictures. You and Sandra want some company?