Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Could this week be fuller? (Lots of overtime at work, two separate birthday dinners on two separate upcoming nights for two totally awesome people, book club (YAY), an evening on Seymour with my fav 16 year olds then another late night delivery to that son of mine who lives in Vancouver, a later night delivery of car parts to someone who didn't want to stop by in the morning, a Saturday workshop in Vancouver (honestly. I will have put 1,000 miles on my truck in the 7 days) and for fun! I'm doing a two day (well, late afternoon) photo shoot for a marketing brochure at the retirement community in my neighbourhood.)

Could a sore throat pop up at a worse time? (I haven't had a cold in two and a half years. I'm hoping this crappy feeling dissipates over night because I so do not have time for this. )

Could this Tuesday make me look any fatter? (Lent starts tomorrow, and I dunno. It feels like a reverse-winter advent, and for that (the Christmas advent) I was completely ill-prepared as well.) Are you doing anything for Lent? Giving up chocolate? Coffee? Beer? Kissing? Wearing socks? Or, maybe are you doing anything for Lent? There's this idea  -  40 Days of Kindness, which is doable. I guess. But I'm always kind, so it's no big stretch for me to do commit 40 random acts of radical kindness. Hahhahaha.
This idea makes me anxious... giving up the internet for 40 days? Seriously. How will I know anything? No one will remember me by Easter. I won't have any friends left. If I die no one would come to my funeral.

So no. I won't be giving up the internet.
But maybe I will give up facebook Scrabble.

And I'll continue with that praying thing I've got going on this month.

Dear God,

All those things going on this week? Could you give me a hand with them? You know what needs to happen before, during and after each "thing" - so in accordance with Your will, could You do some divine meddling, so that Your purposes are accomplished on each day?

Thank you God, for the opportunity to drive Drew and Danica to Seymour yesterday. Thank you for mountains and snow and winter and youth and energy and enthusiasm and rosy cheeks.

Lord, I pray for my kids and "the" kids (listed at the front of my prayer journal) who are at school this semester. Give them good minds, teachable spirits and the ability to learn. Instill in them the desire to attain knowledge and skill and may they find joy in the process. 

I pray that they will respect the wisdom of their parents and be willing to taught by them. And may they also have the desire to be taught by the teachers You bring into their lives. Handpick each one Lord and may they be godly people from whom they can easily learn. Take out of their lives any instructor that would be an ungodly influence or create a bad learning experience. Let them find favor with their teachers and have good communication with them. Help them excel in school and do well in any classes they take. May the pathways of learning be smooth and not something with which they must strain and struggle. Connect everything in their brains the way it's supposed to be so that they have clarity of thought, organization, good memory and strong learning ability. 

Plus? God? Enable them to experience the joy of learning more about You and Your word. 

And Father, for those who are working, I pray you would encourage them today. Let them know that they are doing a good job and that You are pleased by their efforts. God? If any of "my" kids needs additional training, opportunities for advancement or a new work environment, I pray that You would bring that about. God I pray that these kids would be working for bosses/supervisors that appreciate them, invest in them, mentor them, acknowledge them and communicate well with them. God I pray that You will be able to use these work experiences for Your purposes and Your glory.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Jesus died for me. But He didn't stay dead.
2. He lives in my heart. And in heaven.
3. Shannon will be working at Arrow again this summer.


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