Monday, March 7, 2011

Pics from the weekend that was...

Halee was back in town for, like, 48 hours.
Max smiled.

He smiled alot.

Drew and Danica always smile:

Meet my friend, Chris:

Her daughter got married on Saturday:

Twas a happy day.

He was searching for the garter on the wrong leg.
Silly boy.

These were the candlelighters: (Chris's nieces)

And these are Chris's grandsons:

Chris's fam:

Other than Chris, I knew one other person in attendance and thank goodness we were seated beside each other at the reception. (Well, actually thank 'Chris'. She knew we, Edith and I, had a connection (her daughter married my cousin's son) so she placed us at the same table.)

You know how sometimes, with some people, there's no small talk? You just dive in and go to the deep end right away? And while you're hanging out in the deep end of pool, treading water and doing laps, you feel good? Like this is what swimming is supposed to be about? Like, this is why we have pools? To play in water over our heads? 

That's how I feel about conversations. 
Sure, there's a time and place for wading in the shallow end, just getting your feet wet, doing small talk and catching up on who's doing what.
But that's not swimming. 
Nor is gossip a real conversation. 

Talking about God-moments, holy echoes and divine appointments is motivating. Encouraging. Life-giving. The reception hours just flew by as we swapped stories and memories. Just as the program was wrapping up, I noticed her eyes. She usually wears glasses, but they were off while we were talking. 
"Wow," I thought to myself. "Those are the brightest green eyes I've ever seen. Almost like Delta Ceramcoat Colour 2447 Village Green." (I still think in terms of craft paint colors.)
"You know," SHE SAID TO ME, "You have the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen. I keep looking at them in amazement."
"I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING ABOUT YOURS!!" I replied, stunned. "Such a great bright green."
"Actually I have dark hazel eyes."
"Well then, these fluorescent lights have been very kind to us this evening."

The celebrations were over by 8:00 pm, and as I was driving home from Chilliwack, I realized I wasn't ready to call it a night, by myself, in my house.

I called Drew, but he had made plans. Max was with his girl. So I called Clint, who was hunkerin down writing papers and preparing for a mid term. But Claire had walked over to his place and was there when I called. Even though Clint wasn't interested in doing anything, Claire randomly was. So she invited me to join her family celebrate Joy's birthday. They were going for late night sushi on Commercial.

So yay me. I met up with the Richardsons at 9:45 pm. Had sushi, then went back to the girl's place for cake and presents. So. very. random. and purely awesome. And probably something I would've never done 10 years ago...  are you kidding me? Crash a family party? No way. 

I'm so glad I'm finally showing signs of growing up.

And then?
I went home.
Feeling rich and lucky. I'd been allowed to be a part of two friends' celebrations this day; a wedding and a birthday. 
I left behind my purse, though, at Clint's place. 
So tonight I drove back into Vancouver and took my boy out for dinner.

(Tricia, for you in Florida, all this driving? From my house to the wedding to Vancouver and so on? Is over 200 miles.)

Dear God,

Thank you. 
For a weekend bursting to overflowing of good times with friends and family. Thank you for perfect weather, good health, yummy food, fresh water, a warm house, a comfortable bed, a reliable vehicle, encouraging conversations, expressions of love, opportunities to give, examples of mercy, displays of grace.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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Claire R said...

I'm glad you could join us : )