Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone's Getting Married...

Dear God,

We're into that season... the one where my kids' friends and my friends' kids are getting married. It's exciting and fun and busy and expensive and God? I pray for them all.

For my friends who are looking forward to gaining another child, and hoping to lose weight. Who want to be supportive but not overbearing. Who can hardly wait for the big day while dreading it at the same time. God I pray that you would give them wisdom and joy. Fill them with your peace and grant them extra doses of patience and energy. Stretch their dollars so that they encounter 'unbelievable deals' at every turn. God I pray that You would go ahead and smooth the way for good relationships to be developed between 'both sides' of the union. God I pray against misunderstandings and misconceptions. God I pray against unbending wills and selfish attitudes.

Above all else, I pray that all my friends will truly enjoy this love-filled season and see it as a blessing and gift from You. Let them not be anxious or worried; I pray against unnecessary fretting. Remind them of Your love of weddings. Remind them that weddings were Your idea in the first place. Remind them that You will be there, looking after the details, because You are not only a God of big pictures and vision - You are also the God of small things too. Tiny things. Teensy eensy things. Nothing is too big nor too small for You to care about.

God I pray that my friends will be reminded of their own weddings as they help plan their children's special days. Let this season be one of renewed love for each other. Let tenderness and kindness abound. Let gentle conversations be spoken daily. Let their homes ring with laughter.

And God? These kids? The ones that are engaged? I pray for them too. Give them wisdom and guidance and wise counsel to learn truths that will equip them for life together. Give them strength and grant them efficiency as they plan the logistics of their wedding, and their family life beyond.

Their engagement is not just a party-planning season. It's a 'time trial' where they will watch and learn about themselves, each other, and the uniqueness of their relationship. Walk with them closely through this process. Remind them at times of doubt that You are there.

Thank you God for this time of hope and anticipation. May these future brides and grooms (Andrew, Stephanie, Melissa, Mike, Michelle, Sean, Kara, Garrett, Matt, Jen, Andrew, Stine, Lana, James) seek You first, knowing that 'all these things will be added' ...

God I pray that as they plan their wedding day and prepare for married life they will put You first above all else. I pray that Your will be done in all these young couples`lives. I pray that they will have one mate for life, who is also their closest friend. May they be mutually loyal, compassionate, considerate, sensitive, respectful, affectionate, forgiving, supportive, caring and loving toward one another all the days of their lives.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Four of those 'about to become mothers-in-law' friends were over for coffee tonight. Loved listening to them talk about wedding plans and hopes.
2. All three boys (PLUS 2 GIRLS!) were over to watch the Academy Awards yesterday. And I guessed 15 out of 24 award winners correctly. It was a very good movie year, no?
3. Clint and I made one week's worth of meals yesterday afternoon. He's pretty good in the kitchen ... he'll be a fine husband.  :)


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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Thanks Jane. I want to read it over several times. You put my heart into words.Thanks for the great evening last night. Marj